Foam Rolling…Hurts So Good! A Beginner’s guide to Foam Rolling.

For the last few years, foam rolling is in the limelight for fitness enthusiasts. You might have seen variety of foam rollers in the gyms or the PT clinics. You probably own one yourself and roll your muscles frequently. Ever wondered what exactly you are achieving from all the OOhhhss and the AAahhs while foam rolling? It’s called the Good Pain- It hurts to roll but you don’t want to stop because you know it will help you or you have been told to roll through the pressure pain.

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The Dilemma of Ice vs. Heat & DIY Hot and Cold Packs

You are at the grocery store check out counter and have few more items left to bag. You decide not to get an extra bag, and put those items in already stuffed reusable bags in your cart. You reach your car and lift those heavy bags to transfer into your car….and OUCHHH!!! You feel a sharp pain in the shoulder!! What to do you next? Well after you drive back home with that painful shoulder?

You have a deadline at work. Who doesn’t love a deadline? You are working hard gathering resources, making presentations, working late at nights after kids are in bed. And you keep rubbing your neck and shoulders. You can’t seem to get rid of that tightness and soreness in your neck and shoulders. What do you next?

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