How to Deal with Jaw pain?

OCTOBER!!! National Physical Therapy month here in the US. The goal of celebrating this month is to create awareness and highlight the transformative role physical therapy can play in improving one’s quality of life. So I thought of writing about something that not many people are aware of. As always, my patients have the answers. I recently had few patients with jaw pain who had no idea why they were referred to physical therapy. Very few people are aware of role of Physical Therapy in managing jaw pain. Also, good time to know which candy to avoid this Halloween if you have any jaw pain.

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Dynamic and Static Stretching Exercises

We have been told stretching is good for us! It keeps us flexible, improves our mobility, prevents injuries. Just a recap of previous post, there are 2 types of most common stretching exercises. Static stretching and dynamic stretching. I shed some light on the topic of what kind of stretching, when to do it and why are they important in my last post. Need a refresher? Head over there to read the info. In today’s post I am showing you few examples of dynamic and static stretching exercises that are great to add to your workout routine.

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6 Tips to Avoid Babywearing Injuries.

Parenthood is the one of the most emotional, thrilling, fulfilling ride of your life. Parenthood can also become a PAIN in your neck, back, shoulders, arms. Some of you know exactly what I mean!

With Newborns, after the first 2 nights All Hell Breaks Loose! Newborns demand to be held for hours throughout the day, especially those evening cranky hours. It took us just a few days and a lot of aches and sore muscles to hop on the bandwagon of Babywearing.

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