Best Move to save your Back!

Low Back Pain is the most common condition I treat as a Physical Therapist. At least two or three patients with low back pain every single day in the clinic. Chances are, you have suffered from it before. My job is not only to help relieve the ongoing pain but also ensure they know how […]

Tips for Heel Pain Relief

Here’s a scenario that I have heard several times over the years. Maybe you are familiar with it. After a long hopefully restful sleep, you sit up in your bed in the morning. You swing your legs off the bed to get going. Wince…As soon as you put that foot down and stand up you […]

Beyond the Squats- Hip Rotators!

Just like your shoulder, your hip is a ball and socket joint. Which means it has a lot of motions to perform. What comes to mind when you think of working on your hip muscles? Squats, Bridging? Hip muscles help move your leg front and back, out to the side and across midline. And also […]

How to Deal with Jaw pain?

OCTOBER!!! National Physical Therapy month here in the US. The goal of celebrating this month is to create awareness and highlight the transformative role physical therapy can play in improving one’s quality of life. So I thought of writing about something that not many people are aware of. As always, my patients have the answers. […]

balance exercises

Exercises for Better Balance

Balance is crucial for everyone, of all ages. You are never too young for balance training. Surely, balance can mean different things to different people. To a 6 year old, balance is learning to roller skate. To a 35 year old, balance can mean catching yourself while tripping over kids toys, while carrying a load […]

Hiking! Keep it fun and injury free!

Hiking is a great mind body workout. Be sure to avoid injuries to make the most of your time on the trail. Use these simple hiking tips and exercises to ensure you have a great time on the trails injury free!

Stretching- Warm up and Cool Down!

There’s no denying that stretching is important. But are you doing the right type of stretching in your warm up and cool down? Is that stretching powering up your activity or damping your performance? And how to improve your flexibility? Let’s find out!

6 Tips to Avoid Babywearing Injuries.

Babywearing offers many benefits for parents and babies. However, if not done the right way it can lead to injuries. Here you will find some quick tips from a babywearing physical therapist Mom on how to ergonomically wear your baby to avoid your injuries!


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