About me

Hi! I am Shweta. Welcome to my virtual physical therapy cafe. I am a doctor of physical therapy practicing Full-time at an outpatient clinic in California, USA. I am a mum of 2 young boys, so life is busy. Stretch Cafe is my little happy place on the internet where i want to share tips and information relevant to YOU to live a pain free, injury free life.

Why the name Stretch Cafe? No cool story there. It came up when me and a co-worker were bouncing off ideas to name the blog. And it sounds perfect to me- stretch, strengthen, movement and coffee- things i believe in!

This blog is not related with my employer. I am doing it to inform more people about what physical therapy can do in different conditions, some of those you might be unaware about. I am excited to share my knowledge in a way that YOU understand and will try my best to not geek out here.